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I AM an artist.


WITH PASSIONS ranging from writing, photography, painting, digital collage, music, and design, I've spent my entire life searching for the best forms of personal expression. Some passions have come, burned brightly, and then slowly drifted away. Others have been like a guiding star, shining the way for me through the years. But through it all, I've always been creating something. Whether a song, a short story or novel, or photographs of the world I see around me, I've steadily built a body of work that spans nearly 2 decades.  

IN 2017, after spending the first 10 years of my career developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies for small to medium sized businesses, I decided to marry my artistic vision with my business strategy acumen and formed the brand and web design agency, DogEatCrow. We're the nicest design agency on the planet, specializing in finding the unique spark that makes an organization so awesome, and then discovering the best possible way to show that off to the world.

I SEE little difference between my art and the design work I do. In the end, brand and web design are just different ways of articulating the lived experience, of shining a focusing light into a previously hidden corner, of adding another verse to the great human story.

PERHAPS this may seem melodramatic, but I am an artist, and I can't think of any more fundamentally human impulse than to create, to build, to find some connection during the brief time we have here. 

SO I CREATE. This website is dedicated to those creations, in whatever form they've come into this world. 

I AM an artist, and that's my story.

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