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I've been having very weird dreams lately. Weird for two reasons: 1.) I haven't dreamt this much in a loooong time, and 2.) My dreams have become extraordinarily elaborate. They have full back stories and multiple characters that are fully fleshed-out. The thing is they don't make any sense...there is no internal logic to them. They just float on, with characters and scenarios weaving in and out of the story, like an ornate sculpture made out of vomit and dried macaroni.

I don't remember exactly what they're about but the impression of them is like waking up into a pool of cold water. Hard to forget the general outlines, the event of it, even if the details are sketchy.

I've read other people are having strange dreams too. Maybe we'll start dreaming of Mother Abigail soon.

Or the Walking Man.

We're expecting severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes this evening and overnight. The same system has already mangled parts of Louisiana. And so this next phase starts, the part where we try to manage more than one crisis at once. Soon, some of us who are sheltering in place won't have places to shelter. Soon the hurricanes will come and the wildfires.

This is an age of disaster capitalism that is plentiful with disasters, manmade, natural, or otherwise. I feel our nation is a rider, struggling so hard to stay on that bull. Our grip slips, or teeth are clenched. They say this is a trash bull, though. Who knows if we'll stay on, and in what shape we'll be when we hit the ground.

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