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"We've both been very brave Walk around with both legs Fight the scary day We both pull the tricks out of our sleeves But I'll believe in anything And you'll believe in anything"
Wolf Parade - "I'll Believe in Anything"

As I write this, the Supreme Court of the United States has doomed an as yet unknown number of Americans to death in Wisconsin. The choice there is stark (vote in-person and risk infection, or don't vote), but the math is rather easy to understand: in Milwaukee, the state has closed 175 of 180 polling stations for a city of 600K because of COVID, and now those people have to vote in-person, have already submitted their absentee ballot, or can not vote at all.

Only the best for the world's foremost democracy.

Here we get but a taste of what is to come. The GOP has been running an active voter suppression strategy for nearly two decades, and they have just been gifted the ultimate voter suppression tactic, a deadly disease. All they need to do is rigorously "follow the rules" and they will succeed in disenfranchising huge swaths of the American populace (mostly liberals). For added effect, ban or limit mail-in/absentee ballots, close polling stations, or institute fever monitors at every polling place and keep people "with a fever" from voting.

We will not have free or fair elections in November. That doesn't mean we won't have the opportunity to vote out the GOP and start the long process of halting and fixing the damage from their 45 year project in governing malfeasance. Our federal government is in tatters, rife with corruption and incompetence, littered with acting directors and political hacks that are way out of their depth. The rebuild on this particular house is going to be expensive, time-consuming, and deeply sad. But we can rebuild.

Only if we win in November, though. If we don't, this will be the last election. The GOP has made it clear they have no interest in governing a democratic US of A. They only care about bilking this great country for all they can and selling it off for scrap. When Jared Kushner says the Strategic Stockpile is for them and not the states, he isn't misspeaking. He's stating the truth. The federal government is Trump and his family, and they believe everything the government has is their's to distribute as they see fit. If we do not get rid of these parasitic barnacles in November, the capture of the federal government will be complete and we will never have another fair election again. The own the judiciary, half of Congress, the presidency, 2/3 of the state governments, and countless local governments. November is our last stand.

The GOP knows this already, which is why they don't mind risking the lives of their followers; the GOP only needs them for one more election. After that, who cares.

So, watch what happens in Wisconsin today. Take notes. Take heart, because that is everyone's future. In 6 months we will have one last chance to beat back this malignant tumor and start the long process of building a better America.

We need to be ready.

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