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As I'm writing this, our Dear Leader is busy calling for his followers to "liberate" states with massive outbreaks and Democratic Governors. As if the question of what "liberate" means was in doubt, he made it clear in his call to liberate Virginia by adding the rejoinder that patriots need to protect their 2nd Amendment.

So we're clear. The President is calling for people to "liberate" states to protect their 2nd Amendment.


This follows the DeVos-funded temper tantrum in Michigan the other day where a bunch of people supposedly concerned about excessive quarantine blocked traffic and high-fived each other while waving confederate flags and Trump 2020 paraphernalia. Sadly, this will probably lead to an algae bloom of rural COVID cases over the next few weeks as these morons all head back to their respective homes and infect all their loved ones.

While it's obvious the pandemic and the attending economic and cultural devastation are going to strain our already frayed political cohesion, spasms like these don't scare me that much. They're reminders that the Right is loud and dumb, but also fractured and cowardly in the face of true opposition. Look to Ted Bundy's (I mean, Ammon Bundy's) utter failure of a rebellion in Oregon a few years ago. He thought he was starting a nationwide revolt, and instead froze his ass off with a bunch of idiotic trollbots come to life and got one of his friends killed for no damn reason. Same with these recent protests; only 1200 out of the 300,000 people in the Anti-Quarantine Facebook Group actually showed up in Lansing. It's because, when the cards are down, these right-wing armchair pundits are absolutely terrified of dying, sickness, and sacrifice. That's why every time they face off with Antifa they end up with black eyes and bloody noses, and retreat to Facebook and Twitter to whine about the "terrorist" tactics of the Anti-Fascist movement.

So, no I'm not terribly concerned about the mass of chickenshit neo-Fascists screaming at their computers and waving flags while they infect each other with a deadly disease. When the chips are down, they won't leave their homes...not in any numbers that matter. And even if they do march, within 6 months there will be so much in-fighting that they'll fracture into tiny bands of idiots sprinkled throughout the country like broken shards of (mostly) harmless glass.

The true horror is that the monied interests and politicians are solidifying their undemocratic holds on the federal and state governments, installing lifetime judges and passing ridiculous laws that will have effects on generations to come. The true horror is realizing the elections will be fraudulent, badly managed, and heavily tilted toward the Fascist's favor. The true horror is not the boogeyman of a Right Wing Insurrection because that has already happened. The true horror is that, while the Left has suffered all this anti-democratic behavior in the name of maintaining the dignity of our nation these last 45+ years, the time may soon be coming when the Left must ask itself whether there are really any peaceful, democratic pathways left. If the Right is blocking every exit from this burning building--a building they actively stripped of fire escapes, alarms, and an active fire department--then what options are there?

Either we sit down and try to find some peace and beauty in the final moments before immolation.

Or we push our way through the exit.

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