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"And so I came in the dead of night Climbed up into the satellite and Looked out over America I swear I could see the buffalo Ooo ooo oh and I never wanna leave Ooo ooo this place"
Marcy Playground - "America"

Now that everyday is the same, the only changes to report are the weather, how my plants are growing, how my heart is growing too. What did I think yesterday? What did I feel yesterday?

I don't know.

I don't know.

It's really hard to measure the imperceptible change day to day, but when you lengthen the rope you see that so much is different already. I woke up this morning with my wife at 5am to get our weekly provision order off the porch, to wipe everything down with lysol, to throw away the bags and trash before it could contaminate this tidy little bubble we've created around ourselves. I went through this alien ritual barely awake, and it seemed as natural now as making breakfast.

This is how the world is now.

So what new things will be normal in a month? Us humans are adaptable creatures. Where will culture be moved from here? Day by day, we change. Day by day.

We're under a lot of pressure right now, and the pressure looks like it will be here for awhile. I wonder if we'll be pressed into a diamond, something hard and beautiful, or if we'll languish and ferment into the fuel that burns the whole lot to the ground.

Change. Day by day. But to what are we changing?

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