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She set me on her knee and told me to be free and healthy. And she pushed me on the floor to teach me how to fall. To save me.

I broke curfew last night and I wandered alone through the empty, dark streets of my suburban fever dream. No cars, no people. Just me and the lighted eye sockets of the houses as I passed. They didn't watch me; they were turned inward, toward other dreams and other people. I was alone.

Occasionally I passed a house that was totally dark and silent, and I wondered where the people were. Was this a vacation rental that was empty now that there are no vacations? Did the owners leave for another hidey hole to await the coming of our Lord? Were they dead?

Just another mystery I'll never solve.

I made the mistake of watching the President's rally last night on the cable news programs and I saw his campaign video and I saw him shouting at reporters, and lying at an unimaginable rate. I saw the supposedly prestigious and respected Dr. Anthony Fauci carry a bucket of water for this madman, and I once again marveled at how adept Trump is at getting previously admired people to light their reputations and themselves on fire. Does trump have something on Dr. Fauci? Is he closeted or a secret pedophile? If Dr. Fauci believes he is saving people by remaining in Trump's good graces, I think the 23k people dead in this country would like to have a word with him.

Besides, Trump already signaled his intentions. He may lie all the time, but when it comes to grabbing power and making disastrous moves for the country he always tells the truth. He retweeted a tweet with the hashtag #firefauci in it. Fauci's time is short.

Trump is the King Midas of s**t, capable of turning everything he touches into piles of ruin and disaster. As Jarod Yates Sexton wrote, "He is the absolute worst person to be president at the absolute worst time."

But it's ok, everyone, because the country will be back open by May and everything will be fine.

Everything will be just fine.


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