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By 2077 the polar ice caps have melted, the oceans have risen, and the world is on fire..

In the not-too-distant future, a botched terrorist attack combines with a massive hurricane, and the course of history is forever altered.


Set against the backdrop of the next historical crucible, Black Stag, White Doe, the first book of the Black Emperor trilogy, follows the harrowing journey of Daniel Fischer, a mildly successful and self-assured Atlanta condo developer turned "Enemy of the State," as he struggles desperately to save the life of his sick son amidst the overwhelming and treacherous conditions of a post-disaster America.


Stripped of his all-important rights of citizenship and cast among the millions of refugees, Daniel survives one impossible situation after the next, often thanks only to his uncanny luck. Through these trials, Daniel is haunted by the ghosts of his strange past, and by a mysterious Other, a faceless and nameless presence of unknowable purpose who might just hold the key to Daniel and his son’s survival.


Black Stag, White Doe is a fusion of fantasy and science fiction, where a man endeavors to shape his own destiny against the greater forces of history, culture, politics and chance. Daniel traverses a future that is recognizable to the modern reader, where pickup trucks come with UberDrive entertainment and communication systems; reality TV shows revel in the misery of the less fortunate; and the bonds of society are stretched by webs of mutual contempt.

Black Stag, White Doe (digital download)

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