The Sisters
  • The Sisters

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    This is a special first printing, signed edition. There were only 50 copies in this printing.


    In the top floors of an abandoned hotel, a group of young girls rally around the comfort and protection of a mysterious supernatural force called the Sisters. When one of the girls, Wendy, starts having strange visions, she begins to question whether the Sisters are truly the saviors they claim, or something much more sinister.


    The debut novella from Tres Crow, co-editor of Constant ReadersThe Sisters is a gripping tale of horror, trauma, and the sadness of growing up.


    This edition also includes an exclusive first printing of the short story “The Glorious Ones,” and the first two chapters of Tres Crow’s upcoming science fiction thriller, Black Stag, White Doe.


    About “The Glorious Ones”
    A teenager, impregnated under suspicious circumstances, a burgeoning sociopath, and a beleaguered police officer cross paths in this harrowing tale of murder and redemption.


    About Black Stag, White Doe
    By 2077 the polar ice caps have melted, the oceans have risen, and the world is on fire. When a botched terrorist attack combines with a massive hurricane, Daniel Fischer, a successful and self-assured Atlanta developer turned Enemy of the State, is suddenly thrown into a harrowing journey as he struggles desperately to save the life of his sick son amidst the overwhelming and treacherous conditions of a post-disaster America. Stripped of his all-important rights of citizenship and cast among the millions of refugees, Daniel is haunted by the ghosts of his strange past, and by a mysterious Other, a faceless and nameless presence of unknowable purpose who might just hold the key to Daniel and his son’s survival.


    Black Stag, White Doe is the first in a trilogy.


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