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1998 - PRESENT

I started playing guitar at the tender age of 13 for no good reason that I can remember. It just sort of happened, though music was always a very potent part of my childhood, reinforced by my musician mother, and music-lover father. My mom had an old Fender Malibu acoustic guitar, and she let me get it out every once in awhile.

But something clicked when I was 13, and I started playing all the time. It was an obsession of mine and I probably practiced 3-5 hours a day, everyday. Within 6 months, I'd written my first song, and it started to occur to me that songwriting wasn't all that dissimilar from fiction writing, except it was faster and a heck of a lot cooler.

When I was 15 two things happened that truly kickstarted my music career: I got a 4-track recorder, and I discovered Oasis. The 4-track gave me somewhere to put my creative energy, and Oasis made me want to be a rock star. 

While I never quite became a rock star, I did end up writing and recording  over 40 songs between 1998-2008. Many of the songs were recorded with the great bands I had the pleasure of playing with, but the majority were recorded as a solo artist.

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