Tres Crow is the writer of one novella and a bunch of short stories that have been published around the web, and occasionally in print.



Published 12/2018

In the top floors of an abandoned hotel, a group of young girls rally around the comfort and protection of a mysterious supernatural force called the Sisters. When one of the girls, Wendy, starts having strange visions, she begins to question whether the Sisters are truly the saviors they claim, or something much more sinister.

The debut novella from Tres Crow, co-editor of Constant ReadersThe Sisters is a gripping tale of horror, trauma, and the sadness of growing up.

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Thoughtful and provocative, The Greatest Show on Earth upsets the well-trodden landscape of Armageddon, using the end of the world as backdrop for intertwining stories about the difficulty of being alive and the mania which defines our experiences.

At once heartrending and joyous, novel and familiar, visceral and dreamy, The Greatest Show on Earth describes the human spirit in all its broken and beautiful glory. It is the cast of Ennet House from Infinite Jest placed in the apocalypse of The Stand. There are no heroes. There are no easy villains. There are only very flawed people, caught up in something much larger than themselves, trying to find meaning in a circus of unwitting performers and antagonistic carnival staff. The Greatest Show on Earthturns the end of all things into a celebratory vision of Man’s greatest failure, but also Man’s greatest victory.

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By 2077 the polar ice caps have melted, the oceans have risen, and the world is on fire...

In the not-too-distant future, a botched terrorist attack combines with a massive hurricane, and the course of history is forever altered.

Set against the backdrop of the next historical crucible, Black Stag, White Doe, the first book of the Black Emperor Trilogy, follows the harrowing journey of Daniel Fischer, a mildly successful and self-assured Atlanta condo developer turned Enemy of the State, as he struggles desperately to save the life of his sick son amidst the overwhelming and treacherous conditions of a post-disaster America.

Stripped of his all-important rights of citizenship and cast among the millions of refugees, Daniel survives one impossible situation after the next, often thanks only to his uncanny luck. Through these trials, Daniel is haunted by the ghosts of his strange past, and by a mysterious Other, a faceless and nameless presence of unknowable purpose who might just hold the key to Daniel’s and his son’s survival.

Black Stag, White Doe is a fusion of fantasy and reality, where a man endeavors to shape his own destiny against the greater forces of history, physics, culture, economics, politics and chance. Daniel traverses a future that is recognizable to the modern reader, where pickup trucks come with iDrive entertainment and communication systems; reality TV shows revel in the misery of the less fortunate class; and the bonds of society are stretched by webs of mutual contempt.

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A collection of magical stories for a city ravaged by history.

After nearly 40 years of flight and decay, death and fire, Detroit is a husk of its former self. Much has been made of its seemingly endless expanse of vacant properties, poverty, and crime, and it's easy to assume you know this city. There are ghosts here, for sure, but there is also life.

Rustern Gothic is an interactive literary experience that combines a collection of magical and horrifying stories set in and around Detroit with a mobile geo-caching application that takes readers deep into the real places and events behind the stories.



Every short story I’ve had published is here. Reads them separately, or get the whole lot as a collection.