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Best Young Writers

In 2013 I started a publishing company called Shire Reckoning Publishing House. I didn't do much with it, but I did manage to publish a neat little collection of short stories from young writers.

It was designed as a literature contest for writers between 14 and 20 years old with a grand prize of $500. The winner was an amazing writer from St. Louis named Myra Stull who wrote a great short story about young love and the endurance of faith. But I received so many other great submissions I decided to compile the 21 best into an anthology titled, cleverly, Best Young Writers 2013.

While the stories are old, they're all still really good and worth a read. I only have a few physical copies left, and when they're gone, I'm going to digitize the book and start selling it on Amazon. Until they're all gone, the next bunch of people who buy a physical copy of The Sisters, will also get a copy of Best Young Writers 2013.

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